Health Policy and Analytics

Support for Real-World Population Health and Health Insurance Data Analysis

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Teus Health provides clients analytic and public policy support within the intersecting domains of population health and health insurance, with a particular emphasis on the analysis of healthcare costs.  We find health policy and management insights within real-world, messy primary and secondary data, including health insurance claims-level data, and present the findings in clear, easy to understand graphics, presentations, and reports.  We set up ongoing reporting processes and train your team.  We manage all phases of the analytics life cycle, from acquiring and exploring the data to analytic plan development to the final reporting – without losing sight of the goal of informing health policy and management.

Are you lacking informative and actionable population health and/or health insurance analyses?

Teus Health can help.

Are the terabytes of data managed by your information technologists, the alphabet of languages at the command of your data analysts, the Greek symbols of your statisticians, and the medical knowledge of your clinicians not converging to something you can read and act upon?

Teus Health can help.

Are you struggling to articulate the questions that you want to “ask the data”?

Teus Health can help.