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Dr. Tia Goss Sawhney (DrPH, FSA, MAAA)

Dr. Tia Goss Sawhney is the Owner and Managing Director of Teus Health. She has a doctorate degree in public health and a master’s in government administration.  She is a fellow of the Society of Actuaries and a member of the Academy of Actuaries. Dr. Sawhney has decades of experience working with multi-disciplinary teams to deliver and communicate executive-level analyses and real-world research studies, often developed from newly acquired or previously unleveraged data. She likes new challenges, people, and places. She gets work done, on-time.

Dr. Sawhney has worked with private insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare claims data; provider-owned health system data; various public health and government datasets (MEPS, NHANES, BRFSS, etc.); and various sources of demographics and enrollment data. She has particular expertise with healthcare cost data, risk adjustment, and value-based contracts. She has extensive consulting experience and is the author of numerous trade articles, issue briefs, white papers, and academic journal papers. Dr. Sawhney has helped clients present the unintended impact of policy changes to CMS. She has routinely worked with clinicians and particularly enjoys mentoring and teaching. From 2011-2015 she was responsible for operations, data analytics, and HIPAA for a statewide Medicaid enterprise data warehouse, reporting to the agency director and the governor’s office. She served as a National Quality Forum expert panelist on risk adjustment and socioeconomic status. She is a co-founder and co-instructor of the Claims Data Lab at the New York University (NYU) College of Global Public Health.


Alec Shamsey

Alec Shamsey is the Lead Data Analyst with Teus Health. Alec holds a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Informatics from New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) and he is currently working toward a master’s in Data Science from NJIT. His previous academic coursework was in nursing and he has over 8 years of experience within healthcare, clinical, pharmaceutical, and administrative roles, including the management of sensitive HIPAA and other data. He is committed to using his expertise to develop data insights that build a better healthcare system.  


Daisy Virga

Daisy Virga is a Data Analyst with Teus Health.  She is a recent graduate of Stony Brook University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in applied mathematics and statistics, along with a minor in biology.  Daisy is proficient in R, SAS, and Python and has learned SQL while at Teus Health.  She worked as a teacher’s aide while attending Stony Brook and is quickly learning the challenges and rewards of healthcare data analysis.


Cameron Patterson

Cameron Patterson is a Data Analyst with Teus Health. He is a current student at New Jersey Institute of Technology, where he studies Management Information Systems. He has over 4 years experience in network administration and telecommunications support within the academic and pharmaceutical industries. Cameron enjoys challenges and is passionate about enhancing his programming and analytic skills and utilizing data and technology to support tomorrow’s healthcare system.

Priyanka Thorat

Priyanka Thorat is a Data Analyst Intern with Teus Health. She is currently pursuing a Master’s in Healthcare Information Systems at Pace University, NYC. Priyanka has a Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Administration, she has worked at a health-tech startup and also as a Hospital Administration intern in Mumbai, India. Coming from a healthcare background, she advocates for health equity, accessibility and efficiency in the healthcare system. At Teus Health, she wants to leverage her technical skills and contribute towards health policy research and analysis of data to make recommendations and improvements in the current healthcare delivery system.



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