Frequently Asked Questions

My team is a combination of employees and consultants. Will Teus Health work with my consultants?

Yes. We are glad to work on teams that include employees and consultants. Furthermore, since we are a woman-owned small business, your consultant-contractor may be able to meet small business goals by hiring us as a sub-prime.  

Given that I have not identified the precise chokepoints in my team’s analytics efforts, how do I engage Teus Health to help?

You should reach out by phone or email (see the contact tab) and we will work out a diagnostic plan. It’s okay if you decide to stop or re-direct our assistance after the initial diagnosis. Teus Health is available for as much, or little, support as you decide you need — when you decide you need it. As an independent, neutral third-party we may be of particular assistance in crisis or sensitive situations.

Members of my team are lacking key subject matter expertise. Can Teus Health provide training?

Yes. We can mentor individuals and create custom individual or group-training programs that meet your team’s needs. Dr. Sawhney particularly enjoys working with talented Millennials.

Will Teus Health work on-site?

Yes. Our on-site presence is particularly important during the diagnostic, relationship-building, and training portions of our work.

Does Teus Health provide due diligence services?

Yes. Please reach out to us for a confidential conversation.

Does Teus Health provide actuarial services?

Yes, if we explicitly agree that actuarial services are required. The data analytic services described on this website are generally not actuarial services and do not result in the rendering of an actuarial statement of opinion as defined by Actuarial Standards of Practice (ASOPs) promulgated by the American Academy of Actuaries (AAA).

How do Dr. Sawhney’s actuarial credentials benefit me?

As a credentialed and qualified health actuary, Dr. Sawhney shares a knowledge-base and perspective with the actuaries working for you and/or your stakeholders and can interface between the actuaries and other members of your team. Furthermore, our work products are heavily influenced by the communication and documentation standards of the Actuarial Standards of Practice.